Antenna sizes

Good afternoon from Zambia,

Please confirm in diameter the sizes for:

Force 425 dish
Force 425 dish with Range Extender
PTP 450i
PTP 670

Am trying to make a comparison for a review for a client link atleast 32km


please use link planner to create and test link profiles. (available from the download center)

Most of your options can use any antenna you can attach via cables and you have the hardware specs for download and reference which will be needed to make informed decisions.

Dish diameter does not always equate gain or usefulness to a particular application. Antenna system gain does though. If you need 28db of antenna gain on each end then you need to look at 28db antennas, that simple. One thing to remember is that each antenna has a wind loading factor and the structure you place it on needs to have at least 20% more capacity than your wind loads or you will be picking up broken parts.

32km is very doable, but what are the network requirements? are there structures available that will be high enough to compensate for curvature of the planet? obstacles? local regulations to worry about?

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Force 425 is 470mm dish

Range Extender… I don’t have one but I would assume since it’s 28dBi it’s going to make the 425 around 600mm

PTP450i 310mm x 310mm square panel antenna
PTP670 305mm x 305mm square panel antenna

thanks. Much appreciated.

Hello Mr. @MartinWandira ,

you need to determine:

  1. How much capacity you want to carry over the link
  2. The availability and the critical information/data carried by the link.
  3. The interference level in the area. 32 Km, I believe the link is in rural area.
  4. The budget you have.

With this, you will determine the quality of the radio to use and best use a 0.9 m dish antenna. The 0.6 m dish will work too.

Sincerely yours,

Niragira Olympe

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