Antenna Tilt override

Hello, i have a question about if there is any way to override the default up and down values for antenna tilt in LinkPlanner. I have a project where the tower will be on uphills of a mountain and the subscribers devices will be installed under the mountain , so i need to set a tilt above -40 degrees (actually the pole will provide this tilt to the antenna in real scenario)

I am sorry but we don't have an easy way to override the tilt range in LINKPlanner. The tilt range is set to match that available on the bracket that we add to the BOM and allowing a tilt range that then can't be achieved with the bracket supplied is going to cause deployment issues for the majority of users.

It sounds like you have a special situation here, would you mind sharing your project file with us, so that we can understand more about it? Please send it to

Are you planning to use different mounting brackets and can you provide more information on the adjustable range of those brackets?