In the past we have used Canopy 900AP’s with integrated antenna’s and filters. I would think it is easy to use an external omni antenna and canopy radio for complete coverage instead of mounting 6 AP’s. Please advise what others have learned from experience and recommend antennas and such.

We use a Cyclone 900mhz omni. They work very well and have not experienced any issues. We also have a 900AP cluster with 6 panel Antennas and they work well. We have only experienced the normal issues everyone has with 900 - Interference, foliage, structures etc.

I have used a couple of 900 Cyclones as well, but found the only difference to be the metal case on the radio. We sourced the same omni antenna from Amphenol Antel, Inc. and it works great.

I do not have any areas where I’ll have more than 200 customers off of my 900AP. We put up a 900AP omni and a 2.4 Cyclone Omni at every site.