Any 30° Sectors for 900Mhz ?

Are there any good 30° sectors out there ?   As more and more people are trying to do netflix our 900Mhz Canopy system is being crushed.    We only offer two rates on the 900Mhz, 256k and 768k,  and where we once had 30+ customers per sector and everyone was happy we now shoot for 15 customers per sector and they still get hammered during prime time.  

I have one tower with 70+ customers all in a about 150° wide area from the tower.  Splitting that direction with 3 60° Motorola  Intergrated AP's still leaves us with 23'ish customers per radio and I would like to drop that down to 13 or so.  But to do that I'll need sectors a lot more narrow than 60°.  

Anyone else out there had this same problem ?    We tried mixing vertical sectors with the horizontals but almost all the sectors started dropping sessions like crazy before we even put a single customer on the vertical sectors.