Any chance for a 15.2.1?

Any chance we can get a 15.2.1 that literally just changes the default behaviour to setting the security in SM mode to AES, leave the AP's default to how they are in 15.2 (Plaintext) but have SM's just switch to AES, like seriously it avoids this whole mess of having to push out new configs and assure clients are changed over to 15.2 + set to AES, they would just need to be on 15.2.1 and then would always be able to connect to a 15.2 ap no matter what.

PLEASE simplify our lives

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yes please!!!!!!!

we haven't moved to 15.2 because it's a PITA to make sure the SMs both upgrade and change encryption settings.  :-/

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Right? This seems like the obvious solution silence you never would really want PT setting on a SM since the SM will connect to a PT AP regardless so please just release this simple adjustment and save us all endless headaches.

Cambium any chance this can be done ???

We are working on something, but still working through the implementation, so sorry for the delayed response... understand that the way it's done in the current revision is tough for folks to deploy.  

You can say that again, is their an eta? I mean if we have to wait another month I might try forcing through some other way but if it’s coming pretty soon I’d be endlessly thankful and would wait

That said isn’t it just changing the default setting on SM when DES is gone from PT to AES setting internally?

Just realized that without a firmware release like 15.2.1 to set AES as default this is a bigger nightmare than i realized i did a quick config template to apply rfSecurity to 1 for AES, it works fine. And i could apply it across my network. But beyond an initial push which many subscribers might have their radio off (didn't pay bill, power issues etc) theirs no way to really tell if 100% of the devices have it applied really. I mean i can just apply it network wide a few times over a week (since it only reboots the SM if theirs a change)... 

But even then i'll still not easily know at a glance if the networks ready, meanwhile if we get a 15.2.1 that has default AES configured for SM's i can just look at my firmware version overview and assure myself that all SM's are on that version and then reboot the AP's into AES mode.

Any word back from development on a timeline?


If this is hanging up migration please reach out to me at

seth dot poche at

...specifically if cnMaestro is not an option.