Any chance to open operating system level SSH and startup script?


we use some specific VLAN configuration for the customers for voip(tagged) and data (untagged) at the LAN. Also the CPE is both bridge for tagged and NAT router for untagged.

This configuration can't be done in the GUI. On ubiquity it can be done, also on Albentia wimax they provide linux ssh and an autorun script "" on we can create the vlan ports, bridge i/f, etc..

Is there any chance you open linux SSH in the ePMP1000 ? If so, it is very easy to perform complex configuration scripts and very powerful customer troubleshotting ...

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Hi Roanwifi,

There is CLI access on the ePMP using ssh.  You must make sure this is enabled at Configuration -> System -> General -> SSH Access. Please find attached the CLI User Manual.

We do not provide root access to the device for the user.


Any plan to provide root access to the device?

I wish there was a advamced user program to those who need it…


this is a shame not to have root access although there are ways to get it, it is better that cambium opens this. Everybody is doing. You may have both CLI and root access for each person.

We use several tools like tcpdump, vconfig, ifconfig aliases, bridges, polipo (embedded proxy), start up scripts in order to diagnose remotely lan customer issues, to define special configurations. With these tools we can do on the CPE the same than using extra HW like mikrotik router...

Hope you reconsider the option.