Any chance

We had stopped using the CM a while ago because it was just too buggy. We called support  65 days ago and things were suposed to have been corrected "soon" We also applied for the "beta" weeks ago and not a peep.

Any chance we can get this working?

Hi Mario,

Could you please let us know the type of cnMaestro you were using? Was it Cloud based?

So many issues were address and got resolved, I hope you can try now and see if that helps.


Sanjay Kumar

I was using the cloud.

Its still leaving stuck onboarded devices in the system and wont let me delete.

Onboarded devices sat in "queued" for weeks and never went rhough, thoes I deleted.

Never mind, it was too much to ask.. we have moved on.

Hi Mario

Can you please check as we have fixed the issue for your device.

It should now be onboarded into your account and will be shown in Tree Hierarchy