Any interest in financial services from Cambium?

To enable our partners to offer OPEX proposals instead of CAPEX we are working on several scenarios to facilitate that, either with internal or third party solutions, with or without extra services on top of hardware.

Would that be of interest for your business and what would you expect out of it exactly?

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Yes please!

We work with a lot of companies who would be able to utiliseĀ this to offer a Wi-Fi as a service model.

If that could include professionalĀ services as well that would be even better.

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I guess we have a plan then! Please wait a few more days...

Would be great indeed!


It's a matter of days now...

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Are the days passed? :-D

Yes, and I passed onto Lee the details as communication is not yet official.

FYI In case you wouldn't have noticed, we have populated our partnership with GRENKE financial services in December!