Any known issues connecting a ring camera to an e410 AP?

I have a customer who claims he cannot connect his ring camera to his e410 AP. He has the same camera at his office and it connects fine to the cambium router (r200) at the office. He says he has tried on both the 2.4 network as well as the 5ghz network with no success. The camera sees the SSID but fails to connect. Thank you to any and all who may have answers :) 

Hi ,

     Can you share what authentication was used for r200 ? Are you using the same in the E410 too? if not, please try to configure same auth and try again. If the issue still happens,please take the AP techsupport immediately after the camera fails to connect and share it with us @ 



ok, I will certainly do that and get back to you in  a couple of days. Thanks :)