Any news on PMP integration

Is their any news when PMP450 integration will start kicking off or when the beta will be available for it?

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Yes we will be starting this month and will announce it soon

Hi Rupam,

Thanks for the response above. Can you clarfiy the 'starting this month' statement? Starting the beta/trials or starting work on the integration/development?


Beta trial for PMP will be announced this month.

Any update? it's been a month

We are planning to add a link to the website early next week, so folks can apply for a combination PMP and WiFi beta (the latter will include a number of new features, such as Sites and Profiles). It will be controlled and similar to our On-Premises beta a couple months back. Folks will be able to select either On-Premises or Cloud support, and we will periodically invite new participants through the month of August.

Are there any plans to bring PMP 100 FSK units in though SNMP perhaps? 

That is a roadmap item for 2017.  It would leverage SNMP and likely serve as a monitoring mechanism but not be used for configuraiton.

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