Any way to disable auto Map zoom in/out in cnM 3.1 On-Premises?

cnMaestor 3.1 On-Premises

I’m setting here working out the best way to split an overloaded sector and trying to use the cnMaestro map feature to just quickly see where everyone is on the map and in trying to get a feel for exactly where customers are located in relation to customers on other sectors. When I click on sector 1 and see all the dots , then I click on the sector next to it … it zooms way out because a couple of them are much further out than they were on S1 and … well there is no way to see where they are in relation to each other because the map zooms in/out every time you click on the next sector and if there is a way to pick more than one sector at a time ( as far as I can tell you either show all sectors on a tower/site or just 1 sector )

Luckily I can export / import into Google earth and then I can select / unselect , color , change icons etc… but if I could only just turn off Auto Zoom in cnM I would be so happy.

This is one of the most annoying “features” in cnMaestro. Wastes a ton of the users time. I sincerely hope they listen to your suggestion and turn this off by default.

I suggest adding this to the Ideas section and upvoting it to give it more visibility to project planners.

Not trying to be rude Jordan, but there are requests in there dating back 5+ years with plenty of votes that are still not implemented. 443 items “Under Consideration”. This is why many community members do not submit ideas anymore.

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Not rude at all @rnelson. We certainly don’t want to discourage the community from submitting their ideas there.

Thanks for the feedback. I will pass this information along.

I was just hoping it could be disabled in 3.1 I don’t see us ever moving to the newer versions of cnM.