Any way to know if 6Ghz is an option in advance?

So I’m looking at the FCC website and seeing quite a few PTP licenses from 5.9 to 7.1Ghz in our area. The lions share belong to 3 big cellular companies and BNSF railroad (about 15 links in various channels covering pretty much the entire 5.9 - 7.1ghz) then a couple for the state.

That’s just the PTP stuff I haven’t figure out how to see the other stuff.

Is there now or will there be someplace we can enter AP/CPE location/info and the system tell you what channels, if any, you can use in advance ?

Edit: US / FCC

I’m being told that Qualcomm has an internal tool that can be used to query the AFC database to find out what channels/channel widths are available for us in 6GHz… but it’s not available publically. Cambium is trying develop a customer facing solution.

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