any word on a 900 mhz verison?

we’ve got close to 1000 subs still running on the 100 series 900 mhz… realllllly would love to have something to upgrade too, I know SNR is always a concern, in our area 90 to 95db is the average floor so we’d love it! (the pmp320 helped a lot with load, but of course 3ghz can’t reach everyone) I’m sure epmp 2.4 will help a lot as we retire our old 100 series 2.4 but 900 sure cuts through foliage :wink:


We are evaluating additional frequency bands for the ePMP product. At this time, we do not have 900 MHz committed on the roadmap.

what other frequencies are you planning?

Yes, an upgrade path from 100 series 900mhz Canopy gear would be great. Cambium, please do not leave those of us with huge networks based on this legacy gear out on a limb with no type of upgrade future…

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+1 for 900mhz version of epmp range.