Anybody managed to max out a 450m ? What's your max throughput ?

Hi Josh,

You may want to start, if you don't already, monitoring radio stats to give you a handle on capacity before you move the packages up.

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I'm NOT a WISP so I'm not sure I can offer definitive advice here, I don't know if the users are even pushing the packages they have already. Most of the time they won't be and you've probably got the capacity to handle it even if 4 or more users decide to download all series of 'Game of Thones' at the same time.

Then there is the matter of SLAs, are you guaranteeing the 25/50/100 mbps, 24/7, 100% of the time or an 'up to' figure.

From what you've shared so far the sector has plenty more to give than the current loading. So in theory, yes introducing 100 mbps subs gradually while monitoring seems fine but I'd welcome the input from any WISPs on the forum before going ahead !

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