Anybody seen P11

Have anybody seen P11 platform!
Is there any performance changes or more features, like more logs for debuging? Or it is only planning to be more performance in future firmware?

P11 should be shipping this summer, only feature I know of is a increase in PPS

Mbsi, do you know how much will be increased pps?
Now BH support 6200, which for us is to small!

The table in the v9.4 release notes shows the same PPS for P10 and P11 modules, but I think the capability will be there in future software releases on the P11 for an increase in PPS.

why you need more pps?

We have some project, where are required RFC-2544 testing!
And it is impossible to get more than 1Mbit/s with 64 bytes packets!
So we are waiting when canopy will do more pps! :wink:

its like simulating voip trafic. BH10 50% 3.5mbps of normal traffic will only pass 1mbps of voip traffic.
for this kind of traffic try ptp 300 or higher

We tried one ptp 300 link, but I didn’t like it!
Even with latest software there was small (about 0.7% in 24h) packet loss to far end (no to near end).
It was on every frequency and without any traffic!

Maybe your link need some fine tunning… we have ptp300 and ptp400 and they are very fine radios.
Do not thrust normal windows ping, use cisco ping, with load.

Have people been getting P11 APs now?

We’re looking to buy new radios and aren’t sure if P11s are out or if we should wait.

Ya P11 have been out for a little time now. I believe they only released the 5.7 ver in SM AP and BH. They are soon releasing the 5.4 and 5.2 frequencies. I have even had some already come in for repair. The biggest difference is they lost the CPLD chip and upgraded to a altera cyclone 3 chip. They also changed up the power regulation block and lost the Part Number in lew of a Tanapa Number which is in the format 5700XLAA or 5700AA. I’m waiting to see how the new power block handles up as that was a very week area for failures.

I have seen also on 5.4!
Are you repairing Canopy modules?
I have a lot of canopy p10 with bad RX Levels! Is there some element that is faulty, or there are different reasons of that problem?

I just replaced a dead BH20 yesterday, the hardware is a P11…

AMD Phreak,
could you please describe what was the problem? Also bad RX/TX levels or ethernet problem?
I have seen very strange LED behavior on P11, but I don’t know was the reason of that!

The new hardware is P11, the old was P9…

That should clarify it :slight_smile:

Sorry for any confusion.

The start up on the P11 is fast and it starts with lighting all the lights. It is different.

The 5.4 and 5.2 will be shipping in the second quarter of this year and the 2.4 and 900 will be shipping next year.

As far as faulty RF in units the issues tend to be a mix of different components. We haven’t seen just one thing go faulty except the tx amp in 900 radios and yes we do repair them quite often.