Anybody Successfully Running 450m In 5.4 DFS Bands?

We are wanting to deploy our 450m in the 5.4 Band and are getting alot of DFS Detections.  We are running 15.1 Firmware.  

Has anyone successfully ran 450m in the 5.4 Band without getting constant DFS hits?  We are hoping for some "Best Practices"  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  

Thank You,

Scott Pope

Arbuckle Communications, LLC

R15.1.1 has significant improvements in many aspects of the 450m.  I would suggest upgrading to this software.

A couple of questions regarding your deployment...

1) Are there any TDWS nearby?

2) Is there other radio equipment nearby?

3) Are you running in GPS synchronization mode with all equipment that's capable?


Does 15.1.1 have improvements to lessen DFS hits on original 450 and 450i AP's?