Anyone else run into no sync out of a 5.7 module?

Last night we began having intermittent issues with one 900 APs and traced it down to the 5.7 Link from our main site with servers to the remote 900 AP. The 5.7 AP at the main site would come up error-no sync. So for the time being we disconnected it from the CMM Micro and had it generate its on sync until daylight came and I could climb the tower. In the AM we lost communications with the AP and I figured it was either a bad cable, most likely a bad RJ45 crimp, or the RJ45 jack on the circuit board had poor fractured solder joints and lifted (I have seen this before, wonderful soldering jobs done @ the factory :roll: ) . So I ran a new piece of Belden Cat V up the tower with the same results, no sync, no communications (it would still power up). I ended up swapping out the AP with another AP linking a different tower site (has no registered SMs now because it is a new up and coming site) so it made a great spare. In the end it ended up being the 5.7 MHz AP is screwed up (still under warranty) as well as a bad cable! Again probably a poor crimp/RJ-45 we have had trouble with them. Does anyone have any recommendations for RJ45 connectors to be used on Belden 7919 Cat V wire?? Sorry for the long post, I guess I could have made two out of the one!

I guess no one else has had a 5.7AP fail due to no sync. The problem is now fixed, a new one is in place and the old one on its way to be warranty-replaced @ Moto.