anyone ever done this??

because of circumstances we are going to try to align a link from the slave back to the master.its 5.7 with reflector and the slave goes into tommorow and the master the next day.has anyone done it and how difficult did it prove to be and is there anyhting i can do on the master to make it easier??

Not sure if I undersand, but typically you want to align from both sides. Align the current slave to the Master then change the settings and make the Slave the Master and the Master the Slave and realign at the other end and then switch it back to the configuration you want to leave it at.

But if you are installing one BH at a time then use a compass at Site A pointing to Site B (You need a guy on the ground for this because the compass won’t work properly on the tower). Make sure you compensate for Magnetic North when setting your compass heading. Where you are located will depend on the number of degrees you need to adjust your compass. You’ll have to look it up. Aviation maps are a good source.