Anyone seeing really slow management login on 15.1 on 3.65 450 SM's?

Anyone seeing really slow management login on 15.1 on 3.65 450 SM's? 

Taking rougly 60 seconds once login clicked versus a second or two on same SM using 14.1.2 software to display page. Verified in both Firefox 53.0.2 and Chrome 58.

Once logged in every tab clicked is near instance, it's the initial login. HTTP only (https is not enabled)


Tried the following with no change in behavior:

Configuration > Security > SM Management Interface Access via Ethernet Port : set to disable (was enable)

Configuration > Security > Security Mode Web Access: set to https/http (was http only)

Configuration > cnMaestro > Remote Management: set to disable (was enable)

None of these changes altered the behavior of the SM. Verified this behavior on a second SM which otherwise was reponsible on login when upgraded to 15.1 from 14.1.2 caused the delay after clicking login to be ~ 60 seconds


Cambium got back to me and it appears that the setting causing the issue is:

Accounts > User Authentication Mode

in 14.x and 13.x we've had it set to remote then local, once it was set to local we did not have the long delay. This is a behavior change from 13.x and 14.x so asking for clarification on why.


Thank you Timothy for reporting the issue. We are looking into it now. We will get back to you as soon as we have more information. 


Hi Timothy, if you say "When i click in a SM from AP or when i enter in a SM from Ip address and it's sometimes slow" yes, also for me. 

Every 100 antenna I open, 90 have this problem. If I refresh the page, it loads right away. At present It's not problematic and I can not be sure that, sometimes, is the frame utilization on the AP at maximum.
At the moment I would say it happens to me from BETA 7 at least. Not so problematic.

I have upgraded only a sector with this release but I don't have this kind of problem. Is very fast to enter in a SM from the AP and from the SM's IP