Anyone seen this before?

One of our installers just installed an antenna and after running a link test on it we get this error:

"We failed to receive the handshake from the remote device."

Anyone know what this is?

what version are you running on the antenna? i have seen this error but only on version 7.0.7. not too sure exactly why it happens

on our 900 mhz system that means a link may be registered but is too weak to pass any traffic. sometimes we’ll even see it one way only (usually back up to the AP) when the noise floor will increase temporarily for no reason.

The one time the noise floor increased for a reason…everyone gave that message. we had to completely redesign the site to get around a new cellular antenna placed on the tower…

Be sure to check what the signal level and noise floor is at both the SM side and AP side. Its very possible you have interference (radio or physical) that is only affecting one direction of the link.