anyone seen this??

been trying to figure out why one of my 900 ap’s wouldn’t pass any bandwidth to the sm’s.we changed every piece of hardware on the site,no luck,no noise floor problems,but no matter what we did the ap was not working.speeds were close to dial up.the ap in question could see two of my other sites but all had non over lapping freq’s,all were timed, two with a cmm micro and the site in question with a sync pipe from packet flux.we were about to climb the tower for the 6th time when i had a brain fart i noticed that all tho all the settings were set the same on all 3 ap’s the software versions were all different so as a last ditch attempt to avoid the climb i upgraded all 3 ap’s to 9.0 and low and behold the problem disappeared.seems silly that was the problem but its now running fine anyone think this is coincendental or does it make sense?

we saw a similar issue when we had an AP at and another at 8.2.4 (or 8.2.7 can’t remember which) as soon as we brought them all up to 8.2.7 the problem went away.

it seemed like a timing problem between the 2 software versions or something.