Anyone using Canopy products for video system backbone?

In the past, we have done video jobs using coax and fiber as the transmission line but we have a mill that could not get either to locations they wanted to install security cameras. So, today we installed our first Canopy system set up to take video and PTZ functions from a Pelco camera and display it at remote locations on a monitor. We have one 900 APC, two 900 Non connectorized SMs tied to PelcoNets/Pelco cameras and one stand alone SM used to monitor the video seen at the AP. My question is has anybody else done this and if so what settings should I be adjusting to allow best picture quality with regards to the bandwidth available (2x mode w/ +/- 3.9Megs of BW). I changed the AP from 75% download to 25% and now we are getting close to 3 megs down, 1 meg up and the system works (before, I could not view both cameras simutaneously with out distortion, especially when Pan-Tilt-Zooming. Just wanted to make sure it is setup the most effecient it can be. Thanks.

I set up a temporary thing for a convention we attended. We had cameras at our office and we are connected directly to our Canopy core. The data had to pass through a BH pair, an AP-> SM link, another AP->SM link, just to get to where I was at.

I didn’t have any problems, everything was set to 50%. I suspect you could push this higher for better quality.

I have and succeed to install 6 ip camera in Jakarta use BH20 and BH 10.
Camera consisted of which static and or PTZ.
Result which got to gratify, proven with addition plan 6 camera again by our client.
you can see

Good luck