AP 450 can't access via Web access

Hi gents, I'm pretty new her.

The following accoured, after setting the IP, Subnet and Gateway and setting the security settings to AES I made a reboot and nothing works anymore.

Of course I configured my network adapter setting accordinly but I can't get in anymore.

Any ideas, I could do?


Hi Chris,

You can try resetting the radio to factory default using the override plug if you have the radio with you.


Below are the steps for the same:

1.Insert the override plug into the RJ-11 GPS utility port of the module.
2.Power cycle by removing, then re-inserting, the Ethernet cable.
RESULT: The module boots with the default IP address of, password fields blank, and all other configuration values as previously set.
3.Wait approximately 30 seconds for the boot to complete.
4.Remove the override plug.
5.Set passwords and IP address as desired.
6.Change configuration values if desired.
7.Click the Save Changes button.
8.Click the Reboot button.

The same information is also available on the PMP450 user guide.

You can get the user guide from the below link:

In case you need any further assistance, please feel free to contact us on support@cambiumnetworks.com

-Hardik Patel

Thank you After I saw the post, I was going through the operations guide and I found it there too. I going to make me one of this cable Thanks again