AP-BH Link

hi all
on one of our sites, having two 5.4 AP’s and one BHS, we notice that the BH link iS ok, but the AP’s keep timing out exactly d same time for about 30sec, we have a network switch at the site and am sure of the switch. what could be the possible causes and how can i solve them. thanx

With (2) AP’s and (1) BHS at the same site, using the same frequency band, you are going to have problems.

Is there a CMM anywhere in this system? How is the BHS receiving its timing/sync? Is the remote BHM generating it? Is the remote BHM connected to a CMM? Are the (2) AP’s at your site connected to a CMM?

If there is no GPS timing present then the AP’s and the BH’s are going to Tx during the other radios’ Rx cycle, and vice versa.

If the BHS is in the 5.4 GHz band, you are going to have to have as much physical separation, and frequency separation between the BHS and the AP channels as possible. Come to think of it, if there is no CMM, you are going to want to have +20 MHz separation between the AP’s as well.

Provide some more information if you can.