AP capacity

Do you know how is the capacity related with no of SMs registered on the AP?
For Example
20 SMs registered - 10Mb down 3Mb up
30 SMs 8Mb/2Mb
40-50 SMs 6Mb/2Mb

I have Advantage AP with 45 SMs and it has never reached more than 6Mb
It’s 5.7GHz Multipoint v 7.3.6
Scheduling Hardware
Downlink data 75%
Control Slots 1
Max Range 20 miles

So once again Is there any documentation/graph showing how is the capacity changing when the no of SMs grows up?


It’s relative to the actual usage, not the number of SMs. Usage in terms of airtime, packets per second, bandwidth…

Had the same issue. Lots of complains of slow connections from customers. Did some reading/asking around. turns out I had a misconception on how the Advantage works in combination with the 2X feature. Enabling the 2X rate in as many SMs as connection quality allowed and solved that problem. I have some APs with 90-100 SMs pulling 8 to 9 Mbps.