AP Cluster Freq Cooridination

I know Moto recommends that AP’s in clusters facing each other should be on the same freq and I think this is assuming that the AP clusters are set to the same distance in the AP’s, ie; the clusters are 10mi apart so set both clusters at 5mi.

What if you have one cluster set at 8 miles, and the other cluster set at 18mi? These clusters are about 13mi apart.

Would you still set the directly opposing AP’s to the same freq, or in this case configure your clusters to have the freq at the opposite ends of the 900mhz band?

My thinking is that we have one AP set to 906 and the other set to 924, instead of having them both at 906.

I think if your clusters are working synchronously it’s no matter what side the AP’s with the same freq would be turned and what distance the clusters would be set to.