AP CLuster Mounts

The Canopy documentation is chock full of nice drawings showing a full 360 deg cluster of AP’s on mounted on a pole. The drawing seems to indicate a clean neat installation is possible.

Example 1st photo on left.

However in the real world it does not appear that Motorola supplies a mount that will approximate the drawing. At least I have been unable to find a part # for it. Our current supplier has been unable to give us any help at all. If it exists what is the part #. If not, then what are folks using to mount the AP’s in a 360 deg. configuration ??


1" thinwall conduit

The 3rd party section has a vendor with a 360 mount… never used it, but it might resolve your issue.

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Texas Communications provides a sturdy galvanized Canopy cluster mount that simplifies and improves both the install process and maintenance of acluster. The mount design makes full coverage of an area more foolproof and eases installation. Your team will also enjoy the easier setup the mount enables. No matter what kind of tower you are installing on this mount can help.
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wtkirk wrote:
The 3rd party section has a vendor with a 360 mount... never used it, but it might resolve your issue.

Yessss !!!!! That is exactly the sort of thing we are looking for !!! :lol:

Thank you,
Thank you very much...

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