AP Cluster

What types of brackets are people using for a cluster of 6 - 5.7AP’s? I have a cluster on the top of a tower with a cactus type bracket 3 AP’s are lower and 3 AP’s are higher (ofset). I can see the AP’s facing the wrong way @ up to 2 miles away. I am wondering if it’s because of the height difference in the AP’s. Do the motorola plastic ones work well or what does anyone reccomend?

This is what I use and have been happy with:


Thanks for the reply, Looks pretty fancy, I think that looks a little more like it. I have seen lots (even in the motorola pics) with the AP’s all side by side around a larger pipe (no downtilt if that matters). I was wondering if this is worth while, mine actually has a little uptilt on some of them.

With a 60 degree vertical beamwidth, downtilt isn’t going to matter too much with Canopy APs (IMO). However, mine have about 5 degrees of downtilt with those mounts.

The only qualm I have with that mount is they include nylock nuts to tighten the two halves of the mount together. Since they need to be threaded onto 6" long bolts, there is a whole lot of turning with an open end wrench to get the two halves together. Replace the nylocks with a regular nut and lock washer and your installation will go much smoother.