AP Collocation, 8.2.2 Release notes, page 40-41

Did I read this wrong?

Page 40-41 of the 8.2.2 release notes, section 8.3,
"Collocating same-frequency band modules"

Does this mean that all AP’s on a cluster can be on the same freq?

The reason I ask is that it states on page 41 that the alternative is 100’ vertical seperation and freq seperation.

Jerry, how do you read this?

Same frequency band means the range, such as 2.4GHz or 900MHz, not the specific frequency.

I would imagine the 100’ separation would be for non-Canopy equipment (equipment that lacks GPS timing). Jerry may have more insight on this.

Same band. Non-overlapping rules still apply.

100’ separation is not new, I think it just finally made it to print…

Thank you both.

It seemed a little ambiguous.