AP config file concern

OK, so this one's a little weird.

I've taken the default config file (nevermind advisability) from our 5.8 APs, and uploaded it to 2.4 APs when I first pre-provisioned them.  Puts the radio in ACS, sets defaults we want, etc, so I just put IP/gateway/name in manually and it's ready for initial deployment.

Worked fine, it seemed.

Here's the problem:  When I disable ACS in the web UI on the 2.4 AP thereafter, it won't let me edit Alt1/Alt2 freqs (doesn't show any in the webUI), and won't let me save changes.  The only fix I've found is to use snmp to set a valid 2.4ghz band channel for Alt1 and Alt2 first, then I can reload GUI and disable ACS and move forward.

Not a huge thing, just wanted to bring it up.  If the contents of the Frequency fields in an uploaded config file are invalid, it would be nice if it omitted them or errored out when uploading said config.  (preferably just skipped those fields then notify)


Hi newkirk,

What FW version is used on both described devices?

Thank you.

The target APs I pushed the config to would have all been 2.6.1 latest.  I'm uncertain what version the config itself was pulled from, probably 2.6 but possibly earlier.  (a few months ago I set up a default config, pulled it from the radio, then finished configuring for deployment - whatever was latest stable release at the time I did that... Later than 2.4.3, earlier than 2.6.1)


Could you please send configuration file you are using.

My e-mail: fedir.trutsko@cambiumnetworks.com

We can not reproduce described issue in lab.

Thank you.

Just reproduced it here, then emailed the config file to you as requested, along with comments.