AP dropping lower signal sessions

Hi Everyone,
Here’s an issue I’ve been tracking for a couple of weeks now: I have one AP in a cluster of 6 that will drop all the sessions that are -60 and below about once per hour. I replaced the AP and antenna with no change. None of the APs (including this one) are reporting sync issues (they are all synced with a Syncpipe thru the timing port). There is another WISP in the area and their AP of the same frequency (924) is facing mine, but we have coordinated our settings (a while back, they won’t talk to me any more, something about competition). I’ve been running 10.5, but I’ve upgraded the APs to 11.2 and a few of the affected SMs with no change. The SMs that are affected do not show the other company’s APs, only mine. Other SMs with stronger signals at my AP stay connected just fine. And the affected SMs are widely distributed, so it doesn’t appear to be any kind of localized interference, but rather something at the AP. I was able to reproduce the problem by turning up one of my SMs on the AP on the opposite side (same frequency), but the problem continues to occur even when I turn that other AP off. I’ve also had several cases where the sessions won’t reconnect even after 15 minutes (several customers at once), but if I turn off this AP, the SMs immediately connect to alternate APs. It seems like maybe the other company may have a sync issue, but I’m not sure how that would appear - would I get this periodic behavior? I tried changing to 906 which is the only other frequency I can use but had similar issues. I want to repeat this test, however, as it’s been a while and I know more now.

Any suggestions are appreciated.


Sync or AP issues are a possibility, at any rate this sounds definitely like interference. First thing I’d start with is flipping your APs into SM mode, run a longer spectrum analysis and grab the AP Eval tables from each one.