AP Dropping out but no loss to SM's

Okay so I have a 5.7 Cyclone from last mile gear that decides to drop out last night for no reason - after a long drive and a quick reboot of the AP this is what is happening -

From the Router to the AP - ~42% packet loss !

From the Router to a SM associated to AP - 0% Loss

Telnet to SM - 0% Loss to Private(RF) and also Public (Ethernet) interfaces

It is still going on - it does not appear to be customer affecting however rather difficult to manage the AP

Any thoughts / Comments / Questions ?

Thanks in advance

I’m guessing Ethernet issue. Look at the Ethernet Stats in the AP.

Bad cable? Bad Ethernet Jack on the router or AP?

Yeah I was thinking the same thing - tried multiple ports on the router - checked the stats page no cable errors ! And the fact that from the SM to the ethernet side of the AP was clean led me to think IP Conflict.

Well the result was similar to that - This started happening when we lost a port on the router and moving to a new port. Well The router decided that we still had equipment plugged into that burned up port and kept trying to send some traffic bound to the AP’s IP address through the faulty port. Removing the bad port from the Bridge solved this issue!

Sadly just 2 days later This AP was struck by lightning and has since been replaced … moment of silence !