AP ePMP3000 ó ePMP3000L

Buen día, quisiera me aclaren el tema con respecto a los equipos suscriptores. Mi consulta es: ¿si coloco un AP ePMP3000 ó ePMPM3000L, éste será compatible con todos mis equipos suscriptores ePMP1000 y ePMP200?

The short answer is: YES

The forward and backward comparability software is in beta “Release Candidate” (4.3.2 RC15) but I’ve been running that with no major problems. I have first generation epmp1000 connectorized SM’s connected to the e3000 AP, as well as Force 180/190/200 SMs - happily alongside Force 300’s.


Gracias por tomarte el tiempo en responder. El ePMP3000 indica que soporta hasta 120 suscriptores, pero el ePMP3000L no menciona la cantidad de suscriptores. ¿Acaso necesita alguna licencia, para poder usar al máximo número de suscriptores?

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Thanks for taking the time to respond. The ePMP 3000 indicates that it supports up to 120 subscribers, but the ePMP3000L does not mention the number of subscribers. Do you need any license, in order to use the maximum number of subscribers?

Cambium has said the 3000L will support up to 32 subscribers. They are designing it as a MicroPop kinda product I guess, and Cambium has said that's a ''32 client software limit''. They did say words to the effect of 'at this time' and they did not describe that as a 'Licenseing Limit'.

So I interpret that to mean that they think that's a reasonable limit given it's design. For what it's worth, I think that has muddled things - it seems that Cambium has picked an arbitrary number that they consider a reasonable limit, but I honestly don't understand the rational. There are WISPs who are in areas where 3 Mbit or 5 Mbit plans are normal, while other WISPs are offering 25 or 50 Mbit plans... so it seems that the reasonable per-sector-user-count would vary from WISP to WISP.  However, to answer your question - I believe that Cambium has set a software limit of 32 client association limit on the ePMP3000L

EDITED: By 'arbitrary' i did't mean to imply a 'random' number, or even to imply a 'not-well-thought-out' number. I didn't meant to imply either of those. By 'arbitrary', I simply meant that it seems that 32 was chosen not based on licensing, but rather on Cambium's idea of what a reasonable association limit should be.

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Thanks for the summary and interest in ePMP 3000L.  Here's where we are on subscriber count..

The limit is 32 subscribers maximum on an ePMP 3000L.  In the current software that limit is real and set in the code.  Quite frankly, we needed to have a limit day one so that we could focus our testing efforts on a particular application and scenario.  We do believe the ePMP 3000L is best suited for small density applications The ePMP 3000 with MU-MIMO, dynamic filtering and beam-steering antenna support (coming soon) makes it more suitable for large sectors with proven capacity up to 120 subscribers.  The ePMP 2000 also supports 120 subscribers.

With more testing and more system analysis of resource consumption on this platform we anticipate we could open the number beyond 32 in the future but this is not yet committed or scheduled.

- Bruce

We planned to swap ePMP1000 with 3000L but this info, about only 32 subscribers, was shocking for us. No mention about it on datasheet.
We found 1000 + Omni is great for small villages and it can handle 50-60 subscribers easily. We can’t upgrade it with 3000L because of this limit.
We ordered 150 devices already… We wouldn’t if we know that…