AP Evaluation from an SM could return PMP450 AP Name

When doing site surveys using an SM, we get tons of details about each AP that is detected. We do get the Color Code here, but we don't see the Name of the AP (populated from the SNMP Site Name field). 

Could this be added as an option to enable the Name of the AP to be included here? All of those details about each AP entry, is that informaiton included in the Beacon data?



Cambium has said before that putting the AP's SNMP Site Name into the beacon isn't going to happen. Nor do I want that to show up for competitors to see.

I had an inkling that it was due to security reasons, so that's why I was thinking it could be an option, disabled by default of course.

What was their reasoning if you recall?

There's a limit to how much data can be crammed into the beacon frame.

Maybe we'll have to talk to the guy who makes the Canopy GUI Enhancer. 

The beacon contains the mac address of the AP. If we can relate this mac address to the name of the AP in our system (we keep a separate database of APs), then he should be able to replace this value.  

Maybe it'd be possible to use a cookie to store this relational info, so that it is available to the web browser offline while doing surveys. I could easily write up a php file that returns our AP name and mac address from inventory.