AP:Give me sync error

i had a total shutdown with my CMM due to lighting, so i remove all the devices from the CMM and hard boot the CMM, it started replying and i started inserting the BHs and APs into the CMM again and what i found out what that one of the AP(5.4) was on generate sync so i change the configuration to Sync to Received Signal (Timing Port) but when i check the status it is given me sync error and because of this error no SM can be registered.

please can some one help me.

It’s possible that lighting damaged the AP. We had two BHs that had the same problem after lightning. Also the CMM was damaged.

Try syncing it trough the timing port on the CMM.

nope, it was not damage instead it was a SM that we are using to transmit link through a microwave using E1/T1 tachaya box to the suburb that was the fault. since this SM was receiving link from this 5.4 AP. So this SM was changed and now we are back into normal transmission.

thanks for your idea