AP GPS status screen is all blank

Hi folks -

My setup has been like this since I began. My AP-GPS status shows this:

Pulse Status Receiving Sync
Tracking Mode Reserved
GPS Time 00:00:00 GPS Date 00/00/0000
Satellites Tracked 0 Available Satellites 0
Height 0 meters Antenna Connection Unknown

Latitude N00 00.0000
Longitude E00 00.0000 Invalid Msg 0

Restart Count 0
GPS Receiver Information

Is this correct?

My CMM shows this:

SYNC Pulse Status SYNC OK Tracking Mode 3D Fix
GPS Time 16:57:45 GPS Date 05/07/2007
Satellites Tracked 9 of Satellites Visable 9
Height 73 meters Antenna Connection OK
Latitude N36 01.5050
Longitude W90 59.2020 Invalid Msg 0
Restart Count 0

It looks correct.

Is this correct on the AP or does it need fixed?

Thank you.

That’s right.

Yes, as Jerry stated, it’s right. You are using the CMMmicro and the GPS status is available only on the CMM’s GPS status page.

I thought it was correct (since my system is working fine). I just wanted to make sure.

Thanks again.