AP GUI and telnet session locking up

I have an AP with 82 SMs registered to it, recently I have been getting trouble where the AP’s GUI is locking up and the Telnet session locks up also. The only way to get into it is to reboot the AP from the CMM buy turning the power on and off. The AP is running software version 7.2.9.

I saw on the forum that downgrading to 7.0.7 and the upgrading back up to 7.2.9 may help.However when I tried to load the AP into CNUT I got the following error message:

"Cannot verify as CMM device,check host address or device status."

The AP’s IP address is correctly entered into CNUT with all the correct information and it is powered on.

Has anyone encountered this before, any suggestions on what to try or what may be causing this problem?

I don’t know if this is your trouble, I had to clear ARP in my Cisco and add the mac address to my bandwidth controller to stop it from locking me out.

It’s about a week I’d upgraded our system to 7.3.6. No lock-ups since then. Before the AP’s web interface could hardly stay accessible for 3 days.