ap keeps locking up

we have started to deploy pmp320 with layer 2 but we keep getting ap lock-ups its an easy fix by just rebooting the cmm4 port however it is inconvient at times any thoughts as to why these lock ups are occurring.

Same here. We aren’t using a CMM4 just a separate power supply for one AP. The AP will pass traffic through to SM’s but will not respond to pings or allow web access to ap until it is power cycled.

in our case the ap won’t even pass traffic let alone let us have access

We found that leaving a session open to a stat page of the AP (any page that auto refreshes) will effectively synflood the device and make it unresponsive on the web interface. This may be a similar situation.

I’m going to concurr on the AP’s management address crashes.
All SM’s still pass traffic and work properly, just can’t get into the interface without a reboot.

disable flow control on any switch that the pmp320 is plugged into or try this link http://motorola.wirelessbroadbandsupport.com/support/community/viewtopic.php?f=30&t=7053&sid=fb25efca06028f35bb4ead27cdb358c2

so we disabled flow control on the ethernet switch however the ap’s that have traffic on them are still locking us out.has anyone figured out how to fix this and on a related note can you use the cmm 4 without the wan switch??

have you updated the etherwan switch firmware per the release notes for the upgrade to use layer 2