AP lockup

So here’s the story. I originally had a 5.4Ghz AP pointing towards an airport with 3 SM’s on it. It seemed that roughly one day a month the AP would have issues locking up. A hard reboot would temporarily resolve the issue but it would just lock up again within an hour, for a total of maybe 5-10 times that day. Then it would be fine for another month or so.

I figured that it was probably due to the DFS kicking in due to the close proximity to the international airport. I then added a 5.7Ghz AP and switched over just one of the SM’s to that. And now a few weeks later, its the 5.7GHz AP that is locking up, not the original 5.4Ghz.

So I’ve basically replaced everything in the system (AP, SM, cable, frequency) and I’m still seeing the AP lock up. What gives?

Now, could this be due to the type of traffic coming out of the SM? I’ve got it running with VLANs right now. Or could it be something to do with the topography? (4.4miles over a slow rolling hill) The SM that appears to be the problem was the furthest link of the 3. (other SMs at 2.9 and 1.1 miles)

Any help is greatly appreciated.


What firmware are you running on the AP and SMs?

I’ve tried it on both 8.5.1 and 8.2.2. I’ve also tried different duplex settings at the AP (10Full, 100Full, Auto).