AP Management behind an SM

I currently have 3 relay sites that are basically an AP being fed by an uncapped SM. My central site is a cluster of 6 PMP 450s. As well as other SMs, 3 of the APs have an uncapped SM feeding another AP. Two of the sites are PMP450 AP (5.7ghz) -> PMP450 SM (5.7ghz) -> unmanaged switch -> ePMP1000 AP (2.4ghz) -> ePMP1000 SMs (4-6customers)

The third site is the same set up only a single PMP450i AP 900mhz and SMs on the end. 

I have a management vlan set up to manage the APs in the central cluster and therefor the SMs directly connected to them. But, I cannot see the relay site APs or SMs and I have to roll out every time I want to make any changes.

Could someone explain to me or point me to any documentation showing how to set this up so I can manage the APs and SMs at the relay site remotely. 

We do this somewhat frequently (SM as "backhaul" for repeater sites). But we do not use VLANs all that much.

Remember that "Default Port VID" on the SM is like an access mode port on a switch. i.e. the tag is stripped on egress (exiting the SM's ethernet interface). Also, VLAN ID 1 is special on Canopy. It cannot be used as a tagged VLAN.

Post screenshots of one of your AP and SM VLAN configuration pages if you can.

Are you using vlans here? Same management vlan on all aps? Do you have management vlan passthrough enabled?


We are using a management VLAN--Same on all APs. MGMT VLAN 703.

I assume you have the downstream/remote APs behind the SMs on the same management VLAN? As mentioned, it should work as long as you have MVID pass-through enabled on the "backhaul" SMs, which you do.

You could put the remote APs in a different management VLAN and add that VID to the membership tables upstream. Then see what that does.