AP max distance greater than 30 miles


Is there any way to have max distance more than 30 miles. It sounds ridiculous that someone might have a client more than 30 miles away. I was just wondering if it was possible or if there was any way not to limit the distance.

No, that limit is built into the software. Bear in mind the the higher the max distance, the less aggregate traffic you will be able to handle.

Of course if you are trying to use it for a P2P then that’s not an issue.

so there is no way around it, can the cyclone AP do it

i think not.

Cyclone AP is built from Canopy Board as well.

I have about customers who need just 128 kbps speed and they are scattered and located upto 40 miles from one of our towers. What’s the best solution for me. They are so scattered and so faraway. Providing backhauls for each one is impossible, I dont have that much spectrum. The only solution I thought was 120 degree sector antenna and 2 foot dish at customer end.

Now the problem is the distance limitation in AP. What options do I have ? :cry:

Maybe if they are so interested, you can set down and explain to them the cost of your last mile facility.

providing a Remote AP for them could be most likely to be the lowest cost.

Whats you band by the way? 5.7/2.4/5.2/5.4?

Just wanna know as it will greatly help in determining.

5.2 Ghz

They are so scattered, I would need to put a backhaul pair of each customers and I would run out of spectrum and too many antennas at one tower. There must be something that can do this.

900MHz with 8.2 will do up to 120 miles.

The problem with 2.4, 5.x is free space loss. By the time you get to 20 miles there is no signal left.

Keeping in mind that after 6 miles you need clear LOS from the customer to the tower.

nepalken wrote:
5.2 Ghz

You will have to have perfect conditions, clear Fresnel zone and luck to get 30 miles out of 5.2. 40 I think is impossible even without the software limitations.

Options: BH, hidden frequencies on 5.2 or another frequency band. Lower is better.