AP No Sync Error

Hello Forum,
I am having a problem with one of the AP on my cluster, on the GPS Sync Pulse Status, it says ERROR: No Sync.
I dont know what triggered that but has anyone had a problem like that , what are the possible solution to it? For me i did tried rebooting it and it did not work, i had cross checked it’s configurations with other AP’s, it is all the same, i do proposed replacing the AP, i just thought before doing that i should bring it to the FORUM to know if anyone will have a solution to it.

Thanks in advance

if its into a cmm try changing the timing port/data port to see if its a port problem on the cmm (of course if you can do this off hours its better) '

also check your timing cable. thats more than likely what the problem is.

If you have an extra AP swapping it to test the cables may be easier than changing timing cables

if that doesnt help post your AP’s config on this forum and we will look at it for you.

Hello Vince,
I guess i’ll just post the configs on the AP

5.4GHz - Multipoint - Access Point - 0a-00-3e-50-12-30
Parameter Value
Device Type AP
Scheduling Hardware
Sync Input Sync to Received Signal (Power Port)
Sync to Received Signal (Timing Port)
Generate Sync Signal
Link Negotiation Speeds
10 Base T Half Duplex
10 Base T Full Duplex
100 Base T Half Duplex
100 Base T Full Duplex
RF Frequency Carrier

Downlink Data %
High Priority Uplink Percentage %
Total NumUAckSlots 3 (Range: 1–7)
UAcks Reserved High
NumDAckSlots 3 (Range: 1–7)
DAcks Reserved High
NumCtlSlots (Range: 1–16)
NumCtlSlots Reserved High
Sustained Uplink Data Rate (kbps) (Range: 0–20,000 kbps)

Uplink Burst Allocation (kbits) (Range: 0–500,000kbits)

Sustained Downlink Data Rate (kbps) (Range: 0–20,000 kbps)

Downlink Burst Allocation (kbits) (Range: 0–500,000kbits)

Color Code (0–254)
Sector ID 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15
Max Range Miles (Range: 1–30 miles)
Display-Only Access Password: Password Set
Full Access Password: Password Set
Webpage Auto Update Seconds (0 = Disable Auto Update)

Airlink Security Encryption Disabled
Encryption Enabled

SM Scan Privacy Disable SM Display of AP Eval Data
Authentication Mode Authentication Disabled
Authentication Required

Configuration Source
Authentication Server IPs

Bridge Entry Timeout Minutes (Range : 25 – 1440 Minutes)
AP Background BER Mode No BER Stream
Send BER Stream
Transmitter Output Power 23 dBm
DFS Enable
Broadcast Repeat Count (Range : 0 – 2)
Community String
Accessing Subnet /
Trap Addresses

Trap Enable Sync Status Session Status

Permission Read Only
Update Application Information
Update Application Address
Transmit Spreading Configuration
Transmit Frame Spreading Enable
Encrypted Downlink Broadcast Configuration
Encrypt Downlink Broadcast Enable
Site Information
Site Name
Site Contact
Site Location

Do await your solutions but on the CMMM , on powered port the 8th light is not on. Should this be the problem?

I just had that happen. Rebooting did not take care of it, I had to power cycle the port on the CMM to physically remove power (the GPS sync is riding on the DC power to the AP)

Yesterday AM started with the network completely down. Traced to the main tower and the CMMmicro having no sync. Turns out the number of satellites tracked dropped below 3.

10 minutes later it came back up to 3 sats tracked, and then dropped again. 10 minutes later it came back and has been fine since.

We have two suspicions:
1 - We installed a new BH with a 24" dish. Possible it’s blocking enough of the sky to be a problem
2 - If the sun gets behind a satellite it will block the signal from that satellite for about 7 to 9 minutes. If the # of sats tracked was 3 and the sun got behind one of them we’d lose sync. Less likely, but possible.

Could just have been a vulture perching on the GPS antenna. Not sure how an attorney got up there in his Gucci’s though…

Who knows…


We have the some Problem last year, It was a another anntena like alvarion or something else.near the gpsmodule. It damaged the gps pulse.
We put it 4 meters away and it works:)