AP not recognizng SM options

Has anybody had troubles with their 900 access points not recognizing site names and bandwidth limits from sms? I have a weak link at home and it used to display my sitename and have bandwidth limiting but recently it has stopped working. I have a 13db yagi at home, so I’m not going to be getting any better signal. Any suggestions?

I would like to add that only a couple of SMs do this. The majority don’t. It doesn’t seem to be SM specific either, I replaced the one I had here and it still had the same problem.

Any ideas?

Does anybody know what I’m talking about?

I don’t get what you mean by “not getting any better signal”. Putting a higher gain antenna would be a good idea; I’ve gotten quite good results with m2inc’s 17dbi yagis. Is is possible to mount the antenna higher on a pop-up mast or the like? you can get them up to 50-feet up in the air.

Also, in regards to site names not displaying: I’ve never seen this problem; do you have the latest software on both ends?