AP Offline in CNMaestro

Hi I have a small set up with our remote hospital in South Sudan with two cnPilot e410 APs. We use vsat and have a very limited bandwidth, so I use cnMaestro for guest access for quotas and vouchers. The system has been working fine, but five days ago both of the APs went Offline within three seconds of each other, and have not been able to reconnect. The APs are still working on-site, and any wlan that does not require guest access still functions as normal, and can connect to the internet, but any wlan with a guest access controlled by cnmaestro will show an ssid, but won’t redirect to the login. Unfortunately I am currently on leave, and there is no one currently there who is tech savvy enough to work on the issue. Since I can’t access them remotely via the cloud I am limited in what I can do.

I checked and they can reach https://cloud.cambiumnetworks.com/ from there, though I haven’t tried to explain how to ping from the router. I am wondering if it could be a latency issue. We have had really bad latency often over 1000ms. I am wondering if this could be causing a timeout issue?

Both of the APs were running the latest firmware.

I looked under alarm history and found they had dropped out before probably an average of once every two days, but for brief periods, and I assume because our network link was down.

Any Help would be really appreciated.


Welcome to the Cambium community. There are a lot of very knowledgeable people here that may be able to help you, but if you haven’t already, you should also raise a ticket at https://help.cambiumnetworks.com/hc/requests/new.


As I understand, wireless stations are able to connect to SSID.

Is it feasible to get tech-support from device. It will help us to analyze issue. Please email me at sta001@cambiumnetworks.com

Thanks for the responses. I have now raised a ticket as well.

Yes wireless stations are able to connect with SSIDs that don’t have guest access enabled. I believe the SSIDs with guest access with are open clients can connect, but the redirect splash from cnMaestro cloud never connects.