AP possible need of repair

I have a 5.2 AP that I can connect to from an SM but not thru the ethernet port. I Reset the radio to its factory defaults and I am still unable to connect. On my laptop when the radio powers up it show a LAN connection is established but I still can’t connect, ping nothing. Any thoughts? Any ideas for repair? Thanks.

cwingfield wrote:
a LAN connection is established but I still can't connect, ping nothing. Any thoughts?

First thing that I'd triple check is all the wiring, including a 300SS and the power supply too. You can be feeding power without the data pair being reliable.

i agree, test it with 100% new cables and power supplies. dont run any cables until you are sure that is the problem. just a temp set up will help you trouble shoot.

Ya, I used new power supllies and cables. This was a working unit out in the field. Think i’ll send it in. Thanks!

Who are you going to send it to? if it is out of warranty they won’t repair it!!! :!:

when you say you have used new cables and power supply are those cables different then the ones the unit failed on?

if i had a dollar for everytime something new failed, whether it be a bad end or a cable its always worth double checking.

I had new power supplies right out of the box because most of our stuff runs on the CMM’s and we have an abundance of patch cables for testing. We ran a bunch of tests on site when it failed and then when we brought it back to our office as well. I found a company cal EZlinx that will do the repair for a reasonable fee. Considering that it was an AP I will be worth it.

Let us know how it turns out. They wanted to fix one and keep one when we spoke with them last. I believe Jerry had a little trouble with them, I could be wrong