AP problems

My name is Jonathan Meyer and I own a WISP called Gulf Coast Broadband in Morgan City, Louisiana. We have three 120 degree sectorized 900 antennas. We are having trouble with the distance of our coverage area being about three miles. What is your knowledge about horizontally vs. vertically polarized antennas? What height do you have to mount your customers antennas? Our tower is 140 ft tall where we have our 900 cluster. If you have any suggestions, please let us know.
Secondly, we are having trouble with a cyclone AP. Lightning has struck our tower three times and we have lost each AP. Do you have any suggestions protecting our AP? It is at the highest point of our tower.
Thank you.
Jon Meyer

You should try lightning protection, something like this

Also put protection on the Ethernet, it’s possible that when lightning strikes the source of troubles could come from the other side.


First thing need to do is get some type of lightning rod 4-5- feet above your AP’s on the tower or lower the AP’s.
You do not want the AP’s to be the highest point.

Also, take a look at other posts on Lightning, there has been a lot of discussion and good info on this.
All Canopy integrated 900 SM’s and AP’s are Horizontal pol.
If your using connectorized SM’s you need to set on H-Pol to get the best signal to and from AP’s.

Good Luck