AP rebooting after update to 2.3

We are having issues with an AP rebooting after updating to 2.4 this weekend. We did 4 other AP’s and all are doing fine thankfully but one of them no so good… This AP was stable before the update. One of the other 4 AP’s was purchased around the same time as the one we are having issues with now. Any thoughts or ideas appreciated.

If it’s rebooting every 1-3 minutes or so, then I’m betting you have “Extended Range” enabled - known problem, for ‘safety’ disable extended range before updating, then re-enable if desired.

Meantime, if that’s the problem, you need to log in, get to AirInterface->Mode and disable Extended Range, click Update, Save (with disk icon top right), all before it reboots again. Then wait for it to cycle again or manually reboot, and it should stay up after that. Then you can re-enable Extended Range, Update, Save, and reboot manually and all should be good.


Thanks for the reply. The extended range feature is off as we dont use it. It reboots about twice a day. Any other suggestions?


We have reboot AP once a three day. We must change AP because cambium say is factory isue…