AP RX Stuck

Good morning

I have point to point services go down for an error RX Stuck , on Force 300, PTP 550E.

All point ot points are on ePTP 80MHZ. Latest firmware, very well aligned.

A reboot and everything goes back to normality.

Any ideas or suggestion, I don’t want to work on TDD PTP. Latency in my experience is higher.


So you’re using 4.8.1 firmware on both radios? Have you tried using a different channel, or temporarily reducing down to 40MHz?

Force 300 are on 40MHZ/ firmware 5.7.0 and PTP 550E are on 80 MHZ / firmware 5.7.1.

I haven’t try on 40mhz or other frecuencies. The issue is, I do see a pattern across different products/radios.

When this issue happens the antenna have to be rebooted to reconnect.


What I’m trying to express is, this issue has happened on several times.

Is a reboot of one side required for traffic to pass again? I see a similar issue on every ePMP 4000 ptp link I have installed, but generally things resolve themselves in a minute or two at max.

Exactly , a reboot and everything works back again.