AP - SM 1.5 km

I have been trying to make some AP - SM links only 4 sucessfull but, when i go 1.5 km distance or more fail. I would like to know if some of you have a link further thant 1.5 km. when using.

AP Advantge 5.7
SM 5.57 with Reflector.

Regards :twisted:

We have 45 km with 5.4 Ghz. Advantage AP, SM with RD27.

We have hundreds at 8km, dozens at 13km, and a few at 16km.

Make sure that the max distance setting in the AP is more than a mile (= 1.6km). That could cause a major problem.

Set it to just beyond your furthest SM. This will keep a handle on speeds and latency.

If you will be deploying a bunch, then set a distance that you want to install out to. I typically set mine to the max for everthing except 900 mhz. That is usually limited to 40 miles.

Finally we did it.

Thanks you all! :lol:

What did you do???