AP/SM configurations changing

We originally set up our network with 3 APs and 6 SMs that connect to these. We set it up years ago and haven’t really had much of an issue. I have always been able to login to all of them without issue.

Last week we ran into some serious performance issues with one of the SMs. Upon further inspection, it appears that the AP that the SM connects to had somehow been changed to an SM with the same IP address as the one on the SM. It was still passing traffic, but was experiencing drop-outs on a regular basis. I changed the IP address back, and that seemed to have improved the communications, but after that I could no longer ping the SM and could only bring it up through the AP as a connected node. The traffic was flowing but anything IP related would not work. That worked for a while, but when I came in this morning, we were seeing the same dropouts again. When I looked at the AP again (the SM wasn’t pinging), it had been set back to the SM IP address and appears to be set as an SM again. The odd thing about all of it is that the AP in question connects to another SM on a differnent building and it’s not having any communications issues. At first I thought it was maybe connecting through an adjacent AP, but when I look at that one, it doesn’t appear as a subscriber.
Two questions:
1. How do I set the AP back to its original confirguration and get the SM to ping and respond to HTTP/IP traffic? [And of there is a way of doing it without consoling in, since the weather isn’t great and the locations currently aren’t safe to work on.]
2. How could this happen? How could an AP suddenly turn into an SM and why, after a few days, would the settings change back to the incorrect settings?

One recommendation is to set your configuration of your AP by SNMP (snmp sets and snmp gets)

As for how an AP changing into an SM could happen, can you gather the Event Log of the AP that changed into an SM?

If you would like, you can contact our support center : http://www.cambiumnetworks.com/support/open-a-support-case

Once a support case is created, you can use CNUT and obtain CNUT capture of the two radios in question, and we can review the configuration of the radios as well as review the Event log.